Dear Piet,
We talked a lot about Wonder Pigeon early 2014 and decided to test only my second round of youngsters because :
- I didn’t have the product previously availabale
- I was rather sceptical : I first wanted to see the effect before giving WP to the widowers
Coincidentally, the moment you gave me the first 100ml my young birds (1° and 2° round) were really sick :
‘Adeno-Coli’ or better known as ‘Young bird disease’ (vomiting, green sticky droppings…)You know it better than me.
As a test the first round was treated with antibiotics and the 2nd round at your recommend got a dubble dose (up to 4ml/liter) Wonder Pigeon.
Big suprise : the 2nd round recovered at least as fast as the first round. From then on, all my young birds got WP continuously at 1.5ml/liter,
occasionally even with additional acidification with free organic acids. Because of the significant effect on the youngsters
(better digestion, appetite, moult, training…) I started to give the widowers 2ml/liter WP before the opening classic of Tours 450 km,
this during the last 5 days before basketing. We achivied a super result against 6400 pigeons : 1-2-3-8-19-…
From that moment, I raced the racing team every 2 weeks at 600-800 km. The first week at home they got WP at the prescribed dose of 2ml/liter.
In 2015 WP is daily administered continuously only interrupted when an antibiotic treatment is necessary.
So my young birds got WP from the first day after weaning until now only monthly interrupted during 3 days while they get a canker treatment.
Also the breeders and my racing team now got daily Wonder Pigeon.
Thnx for everything,



Wonder Piet,
Test year 2014, WP was a try-out in all its facets to young and old, breeders and racers, at different dosages :
the effects were occasionally different but with 1 common red file : better appetite, better digestion, better training,
better droppings, better plumage and very important for me as condition parameter : pink breast muscles !
Up to now, stating national racing season 2015, I give WP to my whole racing team :
- 3 to 4 times a week together with vitamins, minerals or amino acids.
- The last 2 days, up to basketing, I increase the dosage to 3 ml/liter.
- The 2 other days I sour drinking water the classical way with fruit acids.
The breeding loft is administered WP every day at the lower dose (1.5ml/liter).
Recently I had an outbreak of ‘Adeno-Coli’ among my youngsters who received daily WP.
Problably a combination of different stress factors : immediatly after a canker treatment + starting training flights + contact with other pigeons…
I don’t know. Anyhow the dose was increased to your recommend to 4ml/liter without antibiotics.
They were better quiet quickly but the virus suddenly came back. Now I use WP continuously every day and everthing normalised.
If you have any suggestions related to the use of WP, I would like to hear them from you,
Kind regards,



Goodmorning Piet,
As agreed the whole colony got WP during 2014 : continuously 3 days a week 2ml/liter. I saw immediatly the difference.
The pigeons receiving Wonder Pigeon showed me :
- Better and smaller droppings
- more appetite
- a softer plumage and more downfall
Also the youngsters in the nest got better droppings : little round balls with a white stripe on it. Excretions never lie :
here you can read the health and condition of the pigeons.
This year i decided to put the entire colony on WP 1.5ml/liter.
This for 5-6 days a week without interruption ; except of course not if medication is required.
This way of looking after my birds suits me very well and I will continue this easy way.
Thanks for the advice,
Hello Piet,
We started in 2014, at your request, with the the testing of Wonder Pigeon. At first I thought ‘this must be good’,
but there are already so many products based on acids on the market, we will see…
The racing and breeding team got it during 2 days a week. The youngsters 3 days at the same dosage of 2ml/liter drinking water.
I saw rather quickly that the droppings became clearly better and after a while the pigeons got a softer plumage.
With a very good feeling we decided to increase the use of WP this racing season 2015.
So far they feel wonderfull, are very soft and perform very well.
I give it to the breeders and the youngsters in the system 2 days – 1 day not – 2 days – … The racing team now gets it the last 3 to 4 days before basketing.
It pleases me SUPER.
Best regards,

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